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Taiwan: LED lighting to dominate market in 10 years: forum

Taiwan: LED lighting to dominate market in 10 years: forum

Judging from current technological developments and the pace of governments around the world in pushing for their applications, LED lighting could replace traditional lamps within 10 years, industry insiders said yesterday at a forum.

Piet Derks, general manager of R&D lighting at Philips for the China area, said at the two-day LED Forum 2010 that his company is seeking to come up with products that can replace traditional low-efficiency lights.

Measured in lumen/W, the efficiency and applications of LED downlights and LED tubes are expected to surpass those of traditional lights by 2012, Derks said, although he added that price remains the key point as to whether LED lighting can become widely accepted by 2012.

Sumio Shimode, a consultant at Sanyu Rec Co. Ltd., said the Japanese market is keen to set standard regulations for LED lighting with the aim of promoting energy-efficient lighting.

To that end, the Japanese government has come up with a set of measures to subsidize companies or organizations willing to use LED lighting, with the highest level of subsidy hitting around 4 million Japanese yen (US$49,537) for a single entity, he noted.

Lee Soo Ghee, the president of Cree (Hong Kong) responsible for the China market, said his company is promoting an "LED city" project in major cities in China, North America and India, hoping to take the lead in the field of public space lighting.

Cities willing to adopt the project could save power consumption costs of between 50 percent and 80 precent, Lee estimated.

Jiang Wen-hsing, director of the solid-state lighting business unit of Delta Electronics Inc., predicted that LED lighting will definitely become the dominant force globally by 2015 if the production cost for an LED bulb falls to below US$3 by that time, with a penetration rate over 50 percent of the world market.

Based on that potential, LED lighting will be able to have achieved a penetration rate of over 90 percent in the international market by 2020, he forecast.

Updated : 2021-04-22 12:09 GMT+08:00