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New murders mirror old in ‘Trail of Blood’

‘Trail of Blood’

Written by: Lisa Black
Published by: William Morrow
Reviewed by: Jeff Ayers, Associated Press
The discovery of a body that appears to have been hidden for over 70 years spurs a contemporary murder spree in “Trail of Blood,” Lisa Black’s latest novel featuring forensic scientist Theresa MacLean.
A serial murderer terrorized Cleveland during the Great Depression and was never caught. In modern times, a building that’s being demolished reveals an ancient resident with the trademark wounds that appear to make him another victim of the Torso Killer.
While trying to investigate this decades-old cold case, MacLean receives another body. All evidence points to the resurgence of the Torso Killer.
Though the past and present-day cases appear to be linked, it seems impossible that the same killer is responsible, creating a new set of questions as the body count begins to escalate, with the new murders mirroring the past. The story line jumps between MacLean’s methodical investigation and the story of the police officer who investigated the Torso Killer decades ago.

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