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Wu Hao-Blooming

Wu Hao-Blooming

"Wu Hao--------Blooming"
50 years ago, actually, Wu Hao has inferred the time frame of "Superflat"? By compressing his main motif flatly to one dimension, yet it creates magic multi-dimensional visual effects. From the block print of the fifties, the establishment of "Oriental Art Society"?in the sixties to the colorful and vigorous oil paintings of the seventies. No matter how the time goes, Wu's works, regardless of composition, style, or expressive forms, always stand at the peak of trend in each transitional point of the old and new. Even though Takashi Murakami’s superflat is popular among the international contemporary art nowadays, we finally realize that in Wu'存 flattened magical space has also remained mystically the freshness of time.
As time goes by, the girls on Wu Hao's canvas never becomes old, and those gorgeous flowers in the memory never fade away as well. At the age of eighty, he keeps using the modern form to think about the Orient and reappears the warm spring of the memory, which makes the memory being preserved clearer and happier and thus turns into the resplendent contemporary today. Wu finds irreplaceable himself from Li Chung-sheng'存 edification of the creative elements-orient, ego, modern. His paintings stay the beautiful memory and jumping youth; willfully expose the most passionate emotions inside the heart with a peaceful but untrained position. Though the contents and images of his works may change through time, he always sticks to his ideal and searches for the purity of art. He combines the soft and the hard to pursue joys and colors. Even during the desolate years and among shabby objects, he still can find out the splendor and hope. The more one looks at Wu Hao'存 paintings, the more one feels that he is walking in the spring and summer of life.

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