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“Scent of a Woman” sees diverse female images

“Scent of a Woman” sees diverse female images

An exhibition “Scent of A Woman” brings a total of 103 art work to National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung. From November 12 to February 12 in 2006, the exhibition features images of females kept in three museums: the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Chi Mei Museum in Tainan, and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung.

“I like the exhibition very much. It's been a great challenge for me to hold this co-exhibition like this,” said the curator Kao Chien-hui. The exhibition itself is a visual story of women. The display includes six topics: Fantasy Land-myth, Drawing Room-stories on earth, Palace- the world of the privileged, Chamber-the age of innocence, Land of Shadow- the year of labor, Art Studio-image in the mirror. Among the collection, female images in myth, portraits of motherhood, and photos of women in labor can be seen. “Let exhibition speak for themselves.”

The exhibition includes works from both eastern and western artists with the most ancient one “A Mesopotamian, Terracotta Female Idol” dating back four thousand years. Chi Mei provides a series of paintings with western themes of female images.

“The Message” by Thomas Cooper Gotch, shows the holy moment when a young woman is informed of her pregnancy, symbolizing the transformation from youth to maturity. Works from National Palace Museum are primarily ancient works depicting period esthetics and women's roles in Chinese society. A Ming painting, “Lady Pan's Round Fan”, is a portrait a beautiful and very talented concubine. From the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts is a series that shows the changing society where Asian women became more independent. “Delight Event” by Chen Jin, a Taiwan female painter, shows the subtle facial complexion of a woman who recently became pregnant.

Various female characters of different historical backgrounds provide a comprehensive depiction of female roles. Besides the display, a series of activities involving female-related forums, courses, and studies will enrich the content of the exhibition. For more information, please go to

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