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NBA player Jeremy Lin focused on the court, skirts national team issues for now

Left: NBA Houston Rockets player Yao Ming has fun before a charity game in Taipei yesterday.
Right: NBA Golden State Warriors player Jeremy Lin demon...

Left: NBA Houston Rockets player Yao Ming has fun before a charity game in Taipei yesterday. Right: NBA Golden State Warriors player Jeremy Lin demon...

Jeremy Lin, the first Taiwanese-American ever to sign with an NBA team, said yesterday that he has not yet decided whether he will play for Taiwan's national team in international competitions following a report claiming that he has already signed a contract to represent Chinese Taipei - the name Taiwan uses in international events - in the future.
"It [representing Taiwan] is somewhere down the road, but no decision has been made yet," said Lin in a press conference in Taipei.
A Chinese-language report dated July 24 said that Lin has decided to join Taiwan's national team. The article also said that both China and Taiwan had asked Lin to join, however, he ultimately chose the latter because China would not accept dual citizenship.
Both of Lin's parents are from Taiwan, adding that Lin has never played for the U.S. national team, making Lin a perfect candidate for Taiwan's national team if he wishes to apply for a Taiwan passport.
Lin's agent also denied the report while acknowledging that Lin had been contacted by Chinese Taipei officials but had not signed a contract.
At yesterday's press conference, the 21-year-old Harvard graduate apparently didn't want to get involved in the highly complicated political issues and argument over nationality, saying that he was really excited and deeply appreciative of all the support he has received in Taiwan but that he wanted to focus in on the basketball court for now.
"You can call me a Taiwanese basketball player, a Chinese basketball player or just a basketball player," Lin added.
Lin arrived Taiwan yesterday morning with his parents and two brothers after he received a call from Yao Ming inviting him to take part in a charity game organized by Houston Rockets center Yao Ming.
It was Lin's first game in Taiwan since he signed a two-year deal with the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco on July 21.
Lin has not visited Taiwan for more a decade, with the American-born hoop player's last visit here while he was in seventh grade.
Lin expressed his appreciation to Yao for inviting him to come back for the charity event. He hopes to enjoy some of Taiwan's world-renowned food while visiting with his relatives here, especially his grandmother, who took care of him when he was a child.
On the basketball side, Lin said he hopes to have a place on the Warriors' roster next season, to someday secure a spot in the starting lineup, and ultimately to achieve his lifetime goal of claiming an NBA title like his idol, all-time NBA legend Michael Jordan.
As a devoted Christian, Lin also said he wanted to be a missionary and engage in non-profit community work.
Aside from taking part in last night's charity hoops game, Lin is also scheduled to coach young players at a Junior NBA basketball camp in Taipei today.

Updated : 2021-06-16 07:45 GMT+08:00