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DPP mayoral campaign offers Taiwan people `Happiness and Pride`

Delegates invite Lin I-hsiung to return to DPP

DPP mayoral campaign offers Taiwan people `Happiness and Pride`

The opposition Democratic Progressive Party will strive to win mayoral elections November 27 with a theme of bringing ``happiness and pride`` to the 14 million residents of five special municipalities, said DPP Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen Sunday.

Tsai made the declaration during an address to a party congress Sunday at the Dunhua Middle School in Taipei City held to launch the DPP`s mayoral campaigns for the Taipei City, Sinbei City (the former Taipei County), Taichung City (including the former Taichung County), Tainan City (including Tainan County) and Kaohsiung City (including Kaohsiung County).

Over 250 delegates elected in May attended the day-long congress. Among the delegates were numerous party dignitaries, including former vice president Annette Lu, former premier Frank Hsieh, former premier Yu Shyi-kun and former DPP chairman Hsu Hsin-liang.

The congress began with introductions of the opposition party`s five nominees, namely incumbent DPP Kaohsiung City Mayor Chen Chu in Kaohsiung, DPP Legislator Lai Ching-teh in Tainan City, DPP Secretary-General Su Chia-chyuan in Taichung City, former premier Su Tseng-chang in Taipei City and Tsai in Sinbei City, the former Taipei County.

The five nominees were introduced with their children or, in the case of Taipei City mayoral candidate Su Tseng-cheng, his grandchildren and Tsai, who appeared with a senior party official and her son.

In her address, Tsai stated that the best answer to the question of ``what is the true responsibility of a political party`` was given by ``the faces of children.``

The DPP chairwoman related that pioneers of Taiwan`s democratic movement ``had sacrificed their youth and lives to pave a democratic road for Taiwan`` and created a set of resolute ``Taiwan values,`` including the goals of transforming Taiwan into an affluent and prosperous society, a rich and pluralistic country, firm and unshakable independence.``

Tsai also said that the answer to ``what inheritance will we leave to the next generation`` was ``extremely simple, namely happiness and pride.``

Tsai said that ``happiness`` meant ensuring that each child ``had the best care from brith, a safe and high quality environment in which to mature, a pluralistic and sophisticated education that will allow her to think freely and independently, full employment opportunities to allow her to manifest her talents and raise her own family.``

The DPP chairwoman defined ``pride`` as ``allowing each child to identify with his land, learn to love and cherish the surrounding environment and ecology, become immersed in a rich and pluralistic culture, and be proud of this country of Taiwan.``

``To pursue happiness is an unalienable human right for every person and to feel pride or honor is what everyone hopes for in his or her heart,`` said Tsai.

Tsai said that the ruling Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang) ``may see the five municipal mayoral elections as a battle to protect its power, but, as far is the DPP is concerned, we will fight for the sake of the people`s happiness and pride.``

``We vow to polish the signboard of quality Green administration,`` said Tsai, who added that ``green no longer represents just our native land but also signifies a new era of Green administration built on green technology, environmental protection, justice, renewal and quality governance.``

Tsai concluded by stating that the DPP should begin a ``New Era of Green Administration by winning the November 27 elections and ``build cities and a country with happiness and pride.``

The other four candidates also delivered brief remarks.

DPP Taipei City mayoral nominee Su Tseng-chang stated that 12 years of KMT government had lead to ``stagnation`` in the capital city and vowed to let the city`s residents see ``a party that acts in accordance with the public will and actually gets things done.``

Su Chia-chyuan promised the residents of Taichung City, which comprises the former Taichung City and Taichung County, with a ``New Deal`` that would ``revive Taichung`s former pride.``

The former two-term Pingtung County mayor and ex-interior minister said his New Deal ``will not allow older districts to deteriorate amidst progress,`` to ``ensure attention and care for all citizens in even the most distant villages,`` to ``prevent the worsening of inequities of wealth,`` and ``provide a quality and safe environment so that mothers and children in Taichung do not have to worry about leaving home.``

Tainan City mayoral candidate Lai Ching-teh said called on the DPP to unite to bring a better life for the Taiwan people, while Chen Chu said that the key point of the campaign was that ``Taiwan must win.``

The party congress also confirmed lists of nominees proposed by the Central Executive Committee for new members of its 11 - member Clean Politics Committee and its 11-member Arbitration Committee.

The congress also approved by acclamation a resolution proposed by former DPP lawmaker Chen Chin-teh to invite former chairman Lin I-hsiung, who is also a Yilan native, to return to the party.

Chen said that Lin, who is acting as chairman of Su`s campaign and honorary chairman for Chen Chu`s campaign headquarters, ``is symbolizes the values of selflessness, integrity, human rights and Taiwan-centricism and can be the common factor of unity in this campaign.``

In addition, the party delegates were slated to elect a new 30 member CEC Sunday afternoon and that new committee was scheduled to elect 10 members to the party`s 15 member Central Standing Committee Sunday evening.

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