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Taiwan grabs four gold medals at the International Biology Olympiad

Taiwan grabs four gold medals at the International Biology Olympiad

Taiwan grabs four gold medals at the 2010 International Biology Olympiad (IBO) held in South Korea, ranking third among all participating nations, following the US and China, the Liberty Times reported Sunday.

Taiwan delegation consisting of four Taiwan high school students is the only team that awarded with all gold medals among sixty nations, totaling two hundred and thirty three contestants.

Training counselor Yang Yuan-po reportedly said that he’s surprised by the outstanding performances and also proud of Taiwan’s biological education.

The four students are from central, southern and eastern area of Taiwan. They are Tseng Te-wei and Huang Ching-wen from National Hualien Senior High School, Huang Chao-wei from National Taichung First Senior High School and Chen Te-hung from National Chiayi Senior High School.

Tseng has never participated in mathematic and scientific competitions until he entered high school and since then fell in love with biology. His favorite subjects are biology, physics and sets eye on biological studies in the future.

Tseng’s schoolmate Huang has a cheerful character and loves outdoor activities since childhood. He frequently studies college scientific books and hopes to engage in medical studies in the future.

Participating in the high school biological talents development project launched by Academy Sinca since his first year in high school, Chen said he learned a lot from masters such as Lee Yuan-tseh and Ovid Tseng.

Winning the game, the four students will be given a prize of NT$200,000 and admission to biological related departments in universities or other departments through recommendation, said the Ministry of Education.

Taiwan has performed well in the IBO since its participation beginning 1999. According to statistics, Taiwan ranks four in the game as average, collecting thirty gold medals, fifteen silver medals, and three bronze medals. Taiwan will host the game next year, expecting sixty countries to exchange ideas here.

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