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Taiwan to set up commission against corruption

The Executive Yuan is said to announce its plan to set up an independent commission against corruption next week, making it the first domestic organization with purposes of countering and preventing corruption, according to United Daily News reports today.
According to the draft of the organic law concerning the anti-corruption commission proposed by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), members of the planned commission include government ethics officers and investigators.
While the Department of Government Ethics will be dissolved, the commission under the MOJ is expected to cooperate with the Bureau of Investigation (MJIB), which has already been granted the mission to counter corruption.
President Ma Ying-ejou had promised during his presidential campaign trials two years ago that he will decide whether to set up the anti-corruption commission after two years in office. Reports said that a series of infamous events in police and law systems recently have triggered the possibility of the organization.
According to survey by the MOJ, 75% of respondents agree the establishment of the commission. President of the Control Yuan Wang Chien-hsuan also expressed his opinions concerning the organization during meetings with officials in the MOJ, reports added.
United Nations Conventions against Corruption had made it clear that member states should set up one or more independent organizations with professionals to counter corruption without any interference.

Updated : 2022-01-28 19:29 GMT+08:00