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The Voice of Working People:Kaohsiung Museum of Labor

The Voice of Working People:Kaohsiung Museum of Labor

Be quick, arise / And of your own free will / Awaken the road to work / Press ahead with the crowds / To arrive before eight

Hurry to your post, everyone / Check your watch repeatedly / Quicken your pace / Please don't hit the horn so hard, friend! / Everyone is equally rushed at this hour

Beads of sweat flowing down your face / Dry in the wind to leave salt / How brilliantly it catches the light! / Remember: Don't hold feelings of inferiority / Brandish your industrious pair of hands

We too can / Turn the tiny into the great / Turn the fleeting into the eternal / Spend life ever rising, / Ascending the ladder of growth-Li Changxian, "Ode to Labor"

From shipbreaking and petrochemicals to steel production, the harbor city of Kaohsiung has long been the center of heavy industry in Taiwan. In 1966 it also became the site of the world's first export processing zone, helping to forge the Taiwan economic miracle and also providing an economic model that would be copied around the world. Behind this glorious history are countless workers at all levels who have devoted their sweat and their lives to the city's success.

In order to honor those unsung heroes and to preserve images and historical records of labor culture, the city of Kaohsiung has established the Kaohsiung Museum of Labor, the first museum of its kind in Taiwan. Its formal grand opening will occur on May 1, International Workers' Day. But ever since it "pre-opened" on December 26, it has drawn enthusiastic crowds, with an average of 5000 people per day on weekends. The number of visitors even went as high as 40,000 per day during the Chinese New Year's holiday in February. The museum, barely over 10,000 square feet in area, was jam packed.

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