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Entrance II

Entrance II

Entrance II is about a fantasy world where lost love and friendship are recovered via traveling and adventures. This fantasy world will inspire the audience to see things through with eyes of innocence and curiosity, and they would find a fantastic colorful world that is well beyond their imagination.
At midnight, in a little girl's room, a flight of luminous stairs emerges, which is an entrance to a wonder world. This is a world full of unimaginable fun things and unrestrained vitality. However, in this seemingly happy paradise, the little girl, an explorer, discovers a "Multi-Eyed Monster" who is ugly and clumsy but has a kind heart. Unfortunately, Monster is not welcomed amongst elves. The harder Monster tries to gain identification of elves, the more helpless he becomes because he simply rubs them the wrong way. As an explorer, the naive little girl follows Monster and enters a world laden with depre-ssion and darkness, where they both experience a journey of fear and lost, and eventually help each other out.
Fortunately, "Blue Cat", the most intelligent and powerful elf, guides the little girl as a guardian angel and responses gently to a series of heart-broken messages expressed by "Multi-Eyed Monster" out of depression. At last, under the encouragement of "Blue Cat" and the tender care of the little girl, "Multi-Eyed Monster" becomes a member of the elf group.
The three main characters in this fantasy journey, in fact, represent three human psychological elements-curiosity, fear, and wisdom.
Through the story of recovering lost love and friendship via an adventurous fantasy journey, the dancers hope to inspire the audience to re-examine their three elements to eventually to create a wonder world of their own.

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