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The Digital Hand-Painting, Drawing, Filming, Digitalising

The Digital Hand-Painting, Drawing, Filming, Digitalising

"The Digital Hand-Painting, Drawing, Filming, Digitalising"
Following the universalization of digital photography and editing tools, artists are increasingly choosing video and animation as their artistic media. With an emphasis on hand-crafted quality, painting and drawing have endured as important methods of artistic conception and pre-sentation of creative inspiration for many artists. Using this as a start, the exhibition The Digital Hand-Painting, Drawing, Filming, Digitalising explores the possibility of blending these seemingly unrelated modes of expression-digital and hand-drawing techniques-in the work of one artist, and presents newly derived relationships between these two techniques.
Dominique Pa?ni, former director of the Cin?math?que Fran?aise and curator of this exhibition, has invited twenty-two French or Taiwanese artists to exhibit approximately two-hundred videos and hand drawn or painted works. Pa?ni's concept is to present the ways in which contemporary artists portray their concepts and thoughts with painting, drawing or filming. The exhibition presents both convergences and diver-gences between these expressive modes, and suggests a contemporary version of disegno.
A visit to the exhibition is in six stages as delineated by Dominique Pa?ni and Chih-ming Lin. The first stage is In Praise of the Hand, in which Blanca Cases Bullet's animated video Croquis starts with a sketch of a small notebook. Contained within this virtual book are a sequence of hand gestures drawn by the artist, which form a kind of choreography with their own logic of short intervals, small movements, systematic rhyming and repetition, and unexpected results. The next five stages are Sheets and Screens, Panoramas-Panoramics, Clouds and Swirls, Sex, Anxiety and Video and Tales and Legends.

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