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Famous Japanese artist opens gallery in Taipei

Famous Japanese artist opens gallery in Taipei

Taipei, June 27 (CNA) World-renowned contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami opened an art gallery in Taipei Sunday to share his love for art with the residents of Taiwan.
The Kaikai Kiki Gallery Taipei on the first floor of the Taiwan Land Development Corp. office building is the second exhibition hall opened by Murakami.
The first Kaikai Kiki gallery was opened in Tokyo in 2008 as part of his efforts to create social artistic value through the process of introducing artists and facilitating the sale of their creative works.
Murakami said at the opening of the Taipei gallery that he has chosen Taipei as his art company's first overseas foothold mainly because he feels Taiwan is 10 years ahead of Japan in terms of the maturity of its arts market.
The 47-year-old Japanese artist, known for his monogram multicolor fashion goods created for the French fashion brand Louis Vuitton, said he hopes the new gallery will help develop art appreciation and lead to a change of the inner world of human beings.
Unlike other galleries and museums, the new gallery does not impose any distance restrictions on visitors. Nonetheless, Murakami reminded visitors not to destroy any of the works on display at the gallery.
The current "Kaikai Kiki All Star" exhibition of paintings by artists under his company will run until July 25.
(By Cheng Ching-wen and Sofia Wu)

Updated : 2021-10-18 15:45 GMT+08:00