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Kaohsiung’s Jiasian Bridge opens to bring tourists back

Kaohsiung’s Jiasian Bridge opens to bring tourists back

President Ma Ying-jeou and Kaohsiung Magistrate Yang Chiu-hsing Saturday morning attended the opening ceremony of Jiasian Bridge, which was tore down by rushing waters brought by Typhoon Morakot last year, the United Daily reported Sunday.

Jiansian Township, located within Kaohsiung County, is famed for the top quality taros, bamboo shoots and plum, noted Yang.

He continued that sightseeing profits in Jiansian area dropped 90 percent since the traffic was cut down by flood triggered by Morakot. Yang said he expected more visitors would activate business activities after the bridge is opened to vehicle.

Ma reportedly directed in the ceremony that though natural disasters were inevitable, official units should be well prepared to prevent possible sever damages, the report said.

Constructed with a budget of NT$560 million, the engineering of Jiansian Bridge was completed 108 days in advance to timed to open along with the 10th Jiansian Township Taro and Bamboo Shoot Festival Saturday.

The newly unveiled Jiansian Bridge is 300m in length and 21m in width that provides transportation and sightseeing function. Installed with a lighting system, the bridge is able to radiate more than 20 colorful lights along with the changes of season and festival, the report said.