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Taiwanese runner finishes 84km marathon backwards

Taiwanese runner finishes 84km marathon backwards

Sixty-year-old Hsueh Ching-kuang finished a marathon race of 84 kilometers in less than 13 hours yesterday in Singapore, running backwards. Bystanders were amazed by the Taiwanese runner who started from six on Saturday evening through almost 7 a.m. the next morning, media reports said.

Hsueh was the only runner in the Adidas Sundown Marathon 2010 who runs backwards. At first spectators thought he was only doing that in the beginning of the race, to attract attention. But he ran backwards throughout the race, which won him a burst of applause when he reached the finish line.

After the game he told reporters that it was not an easy task to pull through, especially under the humidity of Singapore. He had to keep himself awake when he felt sleepy, and hung on when the sense of hunger struck.

The sixty-year-old runner started running backwards 20 years ago, when he heard that it is good for his health. It later turned out to be his personal trait. He won the name Backman Tony in a marathon race back in 1995, New York. He was also champion of running backwards competition for the 3000 meters, 5000 meters and 10 kilometers range, said media reports.

Besides running backwards, he also practices cycling backwards and writing backwards. He trains himself next to the riverbed, and learned to “read the road” with his feet. The marathon in Singapore was his 196th challenge to run backwards.