"Create Something" to hit Taiwan theaters after a sensation trip in US

"Create Something" to hit Taiwan theaters after a sensation trip in US

“Create Something”, a documentary concerning a global trend of soaring tuition fees, is going to hit Taiwan’s theaters beginning June 25 after a well-received promotion tour in California, USA, according to Chinese-language Central News Agency report.

“The documentary had caused widespread discussions among US university students after a preview tour in UCLA, UCI and UCSD (all universities in California),” said Kilasme Wu, director of the movie with the fame of another “Cape No.7,” a best-seller local movie.

Wu noted that it is difficult to turn serious social issues into materials widely accepted by the public. The documentary, despite its jocular elements, is aid at creating the universal concern about the issues of high tuition fees and more attention for the future of education, Wu added.

Lee Yi-chieh, coordinator of the documentary, noted that the movie is about life stories of a group of youths who rally for countering high tuition fees with anecdotes about figures across three generations.

“As the title of the movie, we want to create something for Taiwan and global education,” noted these movie staff

Updated : 2021-03-02 14:08 GMT+08:00