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Print fold, and pop it up!

Print fold, and pop it up!

"Print, fold, and pop it up!"
Soledad Pinto'存 work intends to recover the hybrid atmos-phere of lost territories (land-scapes, cityscapes, and urban ruins), translating and restoring them in tension with the physical boundaries of the exhibition space. These re-territorializations are conceived as interplays between opposite poles and juxtapositions of different kinds of spaces in a single place. They want to call attention to those micro-processes where the solidness of the boundaries is contested in almost invisible ways, to high-light the ambivalent, contingent, and transient nature of the limits that structure our daily experience.
Soledad'存 project at TAV is titled Print, fold, and pop it up! (Taipei). It aims to continue the exploration of what she calls the '叨ntology of the ruin'? Looking at the physical remnants of a building after a process of fragmentation and dissolution, the work proposes to explore the inverse movement of this deterioration. Namely, it takes the absence of physicality in the present as the starting point for the reconstruction of the becoming of the ruin, it turns upside down the conventional dimensions of time and space that constitute the ruin '仟s past'?(the site of life from which life has departed) and takes the ruin'存 presence as a provocation to fill out its broken form.
Concretely, her project consists in the discovery, recovery, translation, and installation of a Taiwanese urban ruin at the studio/exhibition space. The project comprises a strong component of performativity. The public will be welcomed to join the studio/exhibition space during all stages of its development as witnesses of the very ambivalence of the ruin, being the present presence of the past as well as the possible future of the present.

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