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"2006 Gu-Ling International Little Theatre Festival - Human and Puppet Carnavio" at the Gu-Ling Street Avant-Garde Theatre from July 7-23. In this event, six performing groups from Taiwan, the U.S., UK and Germany will present "Tin Lightning," "Alone In The World's Room ," "How We Know We Are Here," "Icarus," "I Am Another Yourself" and "The Day The Ketchup Turned Blue," all of which are contemporary dramas full of experimental elements and imagination. Tickets cost NT$350, through NTCH ticket system.

"The Gold Carnival" 礦山金采節 will take place at the Gold Ecological Museum 黃金博物園區 of Jinguashih through September 10. Jinguashih was once Taiwan's biggest producer and processor of iron and gold ore. This event will give people the chance to learn about forging techniques and the melting and casting process of gold bullion, and see the works of metal craftsmen. For more information: www.
The "2007 Ho-Hai-Yan Gung-Liau Rock Festival" will take place at Fulong Beach and the Northeast Cape National Scenic Area from July 14-16. This annual music event is one of the biggest outdoor indie concerts in Taiwan and a pilgrimage point for underground bands. For detailed information:

"The 7th 2006 Taipei International Choral Festival" will take place at the National Concert Hall from July 29 to August 5. Organized by the Taipei Philharmonic Foundation, this festival will see Taiwan's Taipei Philharmonic Chorus joined by famous choirs from all over the world. Participating choirs will include Croatia's Chamber Choir Ivan Filipovic Zagreb, Norway's Cantus, Japan's Ensemble Pleiade, Australia's Coco's Lunch and Sweden's Gustaf Sjokvists Chamber Choir. Tickets range from NT$300 to 1,500, available at the NTCH ticket system.

The 2006 Formosa International Guitar Festival 福爾摩沙國際吉他藝術節 will take place at the National Concert Hall on August 2-3, at Taichung's Shin-min Senior High School on August 4 and 6, at the National Cheng Kung University in Tainan on August 5 and at Taipei's Novel Hall on August 8. The event will feature two guitarists in each concert. Tickets range from NT$350 to NT$800, through NTCH ticket system.

The 8th Taipei Food Festival 第八屆傳統美食嘉年華 will take place at the Hope Plaza from August 5-6. A Traditional Cuisine Area will display traditional Taiwan dishes, market-style food, and famous agricultural products of Taiwan. The Stage Activity Area will include cooking shows. For more information: 02-2392-6770

The "2006 Taipei Film Festival" 台北電影節 will be held until July 9 at the Chungshan Hall, Metropolitan Hall, Shin Kong Cineplex and in89 Digital Cinema. Organized by the Taiwan Film & Culture Association, a nonprofit cultural organization led by prominent director Hou Hsiao-hsien 侯孝賢, the Taipei Film Festival is one of the most high-profile international cultural events in Taiwan, with screenings of about 140 films from over 40 different countries that draw some 100,000 attendants each year.For ticket information, call (02) 3322-1623 or check out the NTCH ticket system.

The "Taipei Children's Arts Festival" 台北兒童藝術節 will take place at Taipei's Zhongshan Hall and the Children's Theater of the Wenshan Branch Center of the Taipei Municipal Social Education Hall 台北市社教館文山分館兒童劇場 from July 15 to August 12. The annual Taipei Children's Arts Festival can be seen as the concrete fulfillment of the "equality of cultural rights." This event lets children "play" and enjoy the arts at their leisure without the pressure of schoolwork. Tickets cost NT$150 and NT$200, available through the NTCH ticket system.

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