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Soft power lets Taiwan overcome poverty, survive despotism: Lu

Soft power lets Taiwan overcome poverty, survive despotism: Lu

Seoul, South Korea, Feb. 18 (CNA) Taiwan has emerged from poverty and authoritarian rule with soft power, Taiwan's former Vice President Annette Lu said here Thursday.
Addressing an international leadership conference organized by the Universal Peace Federation, Lu said Taiwan's soft power lies in its development experience, human rights, peace, true love, and scientific and technological development.
"The ongoing conference is aimed at exploring strategies to promote world peace, a theme that is closely associated with my longtime conviction of pursuing growth and development with soft power, " Lu told an audience composed of politicians, scholars and experts from 67 countries.
Lu said Taiwan's experience provides a convincing example that soft power as evidenced in peace, love, democracy, human rights, science, and technological development can help a country surmount poverty and fight off despotism or authoritarian rule.
After arriving in Seoul, Lu said she found that South Korea offered yet another successful example of the efficacy of soft power, judging from South Korea's even more remarkable economic record than Taiwan's in recent years.
Noting that 2010 is the Year of the Tiger, Lu said she looked forward to seeing all conference goers work together to promote soft power and ensure that human development will be peaceful and full of love.
Her 10-minute speech drew resounding applause.
Religious representatives from Britain and Brazil as well as Jose de Venecia, Jr., the former speaker of the Philippines House of Representatives, also spoke at the conference that opened Wednesday.
Lu arrived in Seoul Tuesday for a four-day visit at the invitation of the UPF to attend the international leadership meeting.
During her stay, Lu has met with Korean politicians, including former President Kim Young Sam, and civic leaders on human rights issues.
She also attended a banquet in celebration of the 90th birthday of UPF founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon.
Lu will depart for the United States Friday evening.
(By Jiang Yuan-chen and Sofia Wu)

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