Taiwan's book fair: a touchstone for I-Pad

The advent of I-Pad era

Taiwan's book fair: a touchstone for I-Pad

Vowing to become the “I-Pod” in the publishing industry, the long-expected I-Pad of Apple has changed the way we talk about e-publishing and stirred the pot of 2010 market projection for consumers’ electronic products.

At the Taipei International Book Exhibition 2010, the Digital Theme District of Hall 1 is the most talked-about for coincidence with the launch of I-Pad. The already hot discussion of e-readers and e-books burns with inquiries about this new-fangled gadget.

When asked about the choice between traditional e-readers with E-Ink screen like Amazon’s Kindle and the color I-Pad with multi-functions, not surprisingly, most consumers would give I-Pad a try despite its relatively high price.

Also, in stock market of Taiwan, the Apple-related stocks continue to soar, while PVI (8069-TW), the primary e-paper maker of Kindle, is losing ground with the launch of I-Pad.

For traditional e-reader producers like Amazon, Sony or B&N, the impacts of I-Pad on e-publishing industry cannot be ignored. Some publishers are already dissatisfied with Amazon’s strategy on e-book prices. They are worried about the erosion of hardback market by popular e-books priced at $9.99. Despite the lower profit of e-books in Apple’s iBook, they are allowed to price their e-books, according to a report of UDN.

However, it is still hard to predict the future of e-book market. Almost all of the e-readers use EPD technology of E-Ink (PVI), and its quality keeps improving. So in a short time, the traditional e-readers will still hold the lead amid fierce competition.

Updated : 2021-03-06 08:16 GMT+08:00