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A priceless artifact taken as umbrella stand: Liberty Times

A priceless artifact taken as umbrella stand: Liberty Times

A blue and white porcelain vase of 270 years of history, made in Chin Dynasty Chen-lung years, exiled in England as an umbrella stand for half a century. Now the precious ancient artifact is going to be auctioned for approximately $500 thousand pounds (NT$25.7 million), according to a report of Liberty Times.

The vase is a gift that a couple received in Dorset, England fifty years ago, reported Telegraph of England. They didn’t have the slightest idea about its value and took it as an umbrella stand without care. Its value would double with professional maintenance.

It remains to be seen how the vase was carried to England. Auction staff found that the clan of Nightingale (Mother of modern nursing) might own the vase before. From further examination, the vase was produced in 1740 based on historical characters on it.

The production of Chin porcelains reached the peak under the reign of Emperor Chen-lung. According to UK experts of cultural artifacts, the vase might be produced under the supervision Tang Ying (1682 to 1756), a famous official in charge of porcelain-production of Chin Dynasty.

Updated : 2021-05-15 02:17 GMT+08:00