The Ma Administration lost everything over beef spat: Liberty Times

The Ma Administration lost everything over beef spat: Liberty Times

As spat over beef issues between US and Taiwan gets worse, an authorized resource reveals that the Ma administration has lost its control on the negotiation, according to a report of Liberty Times.

Resources say that “US has got what it wants“in the controversial debate over the export of beef to Taiwan. US originally set its target on “bone-in beef,” which occupies 98% of US beef exports instead of high-risk parts like minced beef and inner organs. In fact, high-risk parts of beef is used to deflect attention toward bone-in beef. Legislature has passed the law to restrict imports of high-risk beef, but also officially protected the access of US bone-in beef to Taiwan.

Furthermore, US also announced to resort to WTO dispute settlement mechanism in response to Taiwan’s unilateral breach of agreement. The goal is to accelerate the imports of bone-in beef from cattle less 30 months to Taiwan.

The Ma administration has lost its credit as a responsible government domestically and the best friend’s trust during the course of beef discussion. It’s really pathetic to have a president who shows no respect to the majority of its people and arbitrarily wields unrestricted power for unwelcome policy running counter to national interests.

Updated : 2021-02-25 10:55 GMT+08:00