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Geniuses in Ma administration: Liberty Times

Geniuses in Ma administration: Liberty Times

The Ma administration is filled with a horde of “geniuses.” No wonder the popularity of the government plummets at an unprecedented speed.

For example, people thought that the Taiwan-based China Petroleum Company (CPC) hiked the oil price before the three-in-one election at the end of last year for replenishing the national coffer. Out of everyone’s expectation, the CPC swept nearly NT$30 billion last year and distributed alluring year-end bonus to its employees. It wouldn’t be a surprise to witness KMT’s failure in the year-end election.

Another example for the geniuses is Yang Chih-liang, the minister of Department of Health (DOH), who is also considered as the iconic figure that epitomizes the absurd Ma administration. As the head of health affairs, Yang should make the pros and cons of his vaccine policy clear to the people and allay public fears with professional suggestions. However, he intentionally chose to stand on the side of deep-blue commentators to quarrel with opposing media and political commentators and blamed the vaccine terror to untrue accusations over safety of vaccines.

Furthermore, in response to the huge national health insurance deficit, the “genius Yang” neglects general environment factors and proposes to increase the health insurance fee, which is instantly supported by President Ma during his trip in Honduras. There should be some better ways to prop up the country’s cash-strapped health insurance program during economic downturn, such as taking back NT$34.7 billion that Taipei City government owes DOH. We don’t need a genius to be the head of DOH if fee-hiking solves anything.

Updated : 2021-07-25 21:54 GMT+08:00