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Chen, think bebore you leap: Apple Daily

Chen, think bebore you leap: Apple Daily

Faced with whether to run for the Kaohsiung City counselor, Chen Chih-chung, son of the former president Chen Shui-bian or A-bian, said “participation in elections is also a way to serve the people,” at the year-end banquet of Ketagalan Foundation yesterday. Civilians are endowed with right to vote, but Chen’s ambition in local election baffles DPP supporters.

The trial of Chen Shui-bian is a tragedy for him, his family and DPP. Chen has been put in jail for more than a year and considered as the best medicine to cure the shoddy Ma administration. Therefore, Chen should keep his presence from spotlights to give DPP a lift. But his intention really confuses DPP votes and polarizes the extreme political riots over A-bian’s trial. As Chen’s wife, Huang Jui-ching
said before, “it’s too over,” Chen should reconsider his next step again.

However, KMT would be glad to take this as a shot in arm for the plummeting popularity of Ma administration. And the paradoxical feelings for Chen Shui-bian would be an unspeakable truth again for DPP, which has found itself recover from long dark days before. It is widely expected that DPP would insulate itself from Chen’s dispute in the year-end five municipal mayoral elections. Like father like son. Chen Chih-chung’s intention smacks of political manipulation which his father good at. It is clear that Taiwan people wouldn’t buy that .

Updated : 2021-12-03 13:12 GMT+08:00