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2010 COMPUTEX TAIPEI-At last a hassle-free Multimedia Environment

2010 COMPUTEX TAIPEI-At last a hassle-free Multimedia Environment

At last a hassle-free Multimedia Environment

Wionics Technologies is a subsidiary of Realtek Semiconductor, focusing on the development, marketing, and sale of UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) products as well as providing value-added integrated solutions through collaborating with various partners.

UWB is a short-range wireless communication technology. Featured with low-power and high-speed transmission, it mainly serves WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network) applications. At present, wireless USB achieves up to 480 Mbps for PCs and PC peripherals. Continuing Realtek’s investment in UWB, Wionics Technologies has already built up key technologies of RF, baseband, MAC layer, and related software and firmware. Its products are certified with the Wireless USB logo and designed in end products hitting the market.

The Wireless Audio and Video Solution developed by Wionics Technologies supports Wireless USB 1.0. Through UWB technology, it can transfer audio and video to support HD video streaming as well as VGA and DVI outputs. Consumers can play HD images on remote monitors, TVs, or projectors, with resolution up to 720p. It’s now easy to set up and use wireless transmissions – which do away with the hassle messy cablings. And users can now easily remotely view documents, photos, or surfing Internet on HDTV.

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