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Chinese reporters to be allowed more flexibility working in Taiwan

Taipei, Oct. 27 (CNA) Chinese reporters assigned to Taiwan are to be allowed more flexibility in their on-site news coverage and will no longer require to pre-register their field work with the Government Information Office, Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Deputy Minister Chao Chien-min said Tuesday.
Chao made the announcement prior to his departure for China with a group of Taiwanese media representatives to visit media organizations there.
At present, Chinese news organizations are permitted to send reporters across the strait for special news coverage for a maximum period of three months each time, a reciprocal measure that means Taiwanese news organizations can assign reporters to China for the same period of time.
The MAC official revealed that after detailed reviews by the relevant authorities, the government has decided to allow Chinese reporters more flexibility when they are assigned to Taiwan.
While each Chinese news organization at present can only assign a team of two reporters, in the future, up to five reporters working for the same organization will be allowed to stay at the same time, he added.
(By Liu Cheng-ching and Lillian Lin)