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Weather bureau issues land warning for Typhoon Parma

Weather bureau issues land warning for Typhoon Parma
Weather bureau issues land warning for Typhoon Parma

Taipei, Oct. 4 (CNA) The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) issued a land warning for the Hengchun peninsula in southern Taiwan Sunday as medium Typhoon Parma continued its approach to the country.
Parma, with winds gusting up to 162 kilometers per hour, was 340 km south of Oluanpi on the southernmost tip of Taiwan as of 5:30 a.m., moving in a north-northwesterly direction at 7 kph, the bureau said.
The typhoon slammed into the northern Philippines a day earlier, killing at least three people there, according to foreign wireservice reports.
"Right now, Parma seems to be swirling in the Bashi Channel thatseparates Taiwan and the Philippines and its speed is likely to slow down to 4 kph," said Hsiao Chia-sen, a CWB forecaster.
Over the next two or three days, Hsiao went on, the typhoon may move slowly and hover around the Bashi Channel, but he added thatfurther observation will be needed to predict its course after that.
He urged residents in the Hengchun area to take precautions against powerful wind and heavy downpours.
Residents in northern and eastern parts of Taiwan should also be on guard against torrential rain brought by the typhoon, Hsiao added.
The approaching typhoon comes less than two months after Typhoon Morakot, the worst storm to hit the island in half a century, killed more than 600 and led to a major Cabinet reshuffle due to lackluster government response in the initial stages.
(By Sofia Wu)

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