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Youth from Taiwan, China search for love on Kinmen

Youth from Taiwan, China search for love on Kinmen
Youth from Taiwan, China search for love on Kinmen

Taipei, Aug. 27 (CNA) To love and be loved. That is the common wish of more than 300 single young men and women from Taiwan and China who together marked the inauguration of the statue of a traditional Chinese matchmaker Thursday on Taiwan's outlying county of Kinmen.
The young people jointly witnessed the inauguration of the statue of Yueh Lau -- an elderly and kind male matchmaker of Chinese folklore with a white beard -- in one of a series of romantic activities to mark Chinese Lover's Day, which fell on Aug. 26 this year.
Over 200 Chinese youths from the city of Xiamen in Fujian Province sailed to Kinmen a day earlier to take part in the activities sponsored by the authorities on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.
Kinmen Magistrate Lee Chu-feng and a variety of Chinese guests, including Ma Zhenlin, chief of the Hai Xia Dao Bao -- a Xiamen-based newspaper -- expressed hope that the young lovers will soon find eternal love with their Mr. or Miss Right.
On Kinmen Island's Shiapu beach, where the statue has been erected, the lovers competed to snatch a piece of red thread from Yueh Lau as a gesture of being blessed by the matchmaker. They also hung cards inscribed with their most sincerest hopes from surrounding trees in a gesture designed to fulfill their sweetest dreams.
Lee and Ma also planted symbolic trees and flowers to represent their county and city on the seashore as testimony to the pursuit of everlasting love by the young people who took part in the festivities.
(By Flor Wang)

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