Beijing ass'n will be informed of disaster recovery needs: SEF

Taipei, Aug. 27 (CNA) Taiwan's intermediary Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) will soon provide its Beijing counterpart with a detailed list of items needed for post-typhoon rehabilitation, as requested, an SEF official said Thursday.
SEF Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Kao Koong-lien said that, at the request of the Beijing-based Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS) , the SEF will provide the list as soon as it has been compiled by the relevant public agencies.
Kao's remarks came on the heels of the request by ARATS, which said Wednesday the list would help it to determine how to disburse the 110 million yuan that its business members have donated over the past two weeks for post-typhoon reconstruction in Taiwan.
The ARATS is reportedly ready to hand over the entire sum to Taiwan by next week.
So far, China's Red Cross Society had remitted 15 million yuan to Taiwan to help with relief work in the wake of the massive destruction wreaked by Typhoon Morakot in eastern and southern Taiwan Aug. 7-9.
Meanwhile, Kao said it is an "understandable and acceptable" notion that words like "donated by China" can be inscribed on public construction projects that were built or restored with funds from China.
"Inscriptions of 'donated by Taiwan' were placed on many newly built public structures in Sichuan Province after Taiwan made huge cash donations to the recovery efforts in the wake of a killer earthquake there last year," Kao said.
(By Deborah Kuo)

Updated : 2021-03-09 16:27 GMT+08:00