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Senior KMT members want say in Cabinet lineup

Taipei, Aug.26 (CNA) Four members of the ruling Kuomintang's decision-making Central Standing Committee came up with a proposal Wednesday that the new Cabinet lineup should be screened or approved by the committee.
The four members, led by Lee Teh-wei, presented the proposal at the Central Standing Committee's weekly meeting, KMT spokesman Lee Chieh-jung said after the meeting.
KMT Vice Chairman Wu Den-yih has asked the party's chairman, Wu Poh-hsiung, to convey the suggestion to President Ma Ying-jeou, who is scheduled to take over the KMT chairmanship in October, according to Lee Chien-jung.
In response to mounting public dissatisfaction with the Cabinet's flawed rescue and relief operations in the aftermath of Typhoon Morakot, Ma has promised to reshuffle the Cabinet early next month.
Lee Teh-wei said that in light of the scale of the typhoon disaster, many members of the public hope to see a major overhaul of the Cabinet.
Noting that the present Cabinet makeup was not discussed with or approved by the ruling party, Lee said he looks forward to seeing the party's decision-making body having a say in the formation of a new Cabinet.
"We hope the president or the Executive Yuan will submit the list of nominees for the new Cabinet to the Central Standing Committee for discussion or approval though the party's internal decision-making mechanism," he said. "Only through this process, can the KMT become a bona fide ruling party." "This does not mean that the KMT will be leading the government," he argued, adding that the KMT just wants to assist the executive branch.
The KMT now controls an absolute majority in the Legislative Yuan.
(By Sofia Wu)

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