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Disease expert appointed to DOH

The Presidential Office yesterday appointed Chang Shan-chwen, an expert on infectious disease and deputy superintendent of the National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH), as the deputy minister of the Department of Health (DOH). Chang played a major role during the SARS outbreak in Taiwan in 2003, when he headed the Division of Infectious Disease at the NTUH.
During the SARS outbreak, Chang not only led a clinical team to treat the patients and to control the outbreak, but also carried out many studies relating to the clinical manifestations, transmission, diagnosis and treatment of SARS. Medical sources said that Chang, concurrently serving as Taipei regional commander of the DOH's infectious disease prevention network, could contribute to the prevention and control of influenza A(H1N1), especially at a time when the disease seems to be spreading and could cause a major outbreak in the winter or autumn.

Updated : 2021-08-02 07:04 GMT+08:00