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Taiwan editorial abstracts

Taiwan editorial abstracts

Taipei, Aug. 25 (CNA) The following is a brief roundup of selected local newspaper editorials Tuesday:
Liberty Times: People's vengeance will come soon President Ma is trying to shift public anger over his administration's bungled disaster relief operation by blaming the Pingtung County government for withholding compensation offered by the central government to flood victims in that county.
It once again showed that the administration, which boasted of being in "complete control of the country and completely responsible for governing, " has turned out to be completely dodging its responsibility.
Ma's administration even threatened to allot flood-relief funds directly to township offices instead of having them transferred through the county governments in an attempt to sideline them.
This is another barefaced attempt to kick up controversy between grassroot constituents and county governments.
But we have to warn that reconstruction work is more strenuous than relief operations and should be done with the joint efforts of the ruling and opposition parties.
Ma's administration will be naive to think it could wriggle out of blame for its incompetence by pointing fingers at others.

Apple Daily: Foreign Ministry lies Foreign Minister Francisco Ou was absent from a Saturday fundraiser organized by foreign diplomats posted in Taiwan to help with Taiwan's flood relief operations.
The ministry said at that time that Ou was tied up by "undisclosed business." But after being criticized as being "impolite" in missing such an important event, Ou said he was suffering from asthma that day.
We wonder why the ministry would lie to cover up the minister's absence.

China Times: No administrative ability, no economic growth The world, including Asia, is gradually pulling out of the shadow of recession. Asia's emerging economies are leading the West in the economic recovery, thanks to their stimulus packages, relatively sound financial institutions and higher rates of savings among their people.
Taiwan's economy has been dampened by Typhoon Morakot, although the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics has dismissed its impact, claiming that the government's reconstruction plan may stimulate economic growth. However, we are not that optimistic in light of the executive branch's incompetence as evidenced by its botched handling of the Typhoon Morakot disaster.
President Ma's administration has disappointed the nation with its sluggish response to the disaster, and we hold little hope that it could carry out the reconstruction successfully.
United Daily News: Applause for digital citizens Taiwan's Internet enthusiasts stepped up in the aftermath of Typhoon Morakot to fill the gap left by the government in providing public information about the areas ravaged by floods and mudslides.
When the central government was paralyzed after Morakot, these Internet volunteers helped the many local government emergency operation centers to disseminate vital information to the public about what was needed and where.
Rescue and relief operations, just like military operations, depend very heavily on detailed and accurate information. Internet enthusiasts filled the information vacuum left by the government in the post-typhoon operations and thereby helped to assuage public anxiety over a lack of information.
When the relief operations end and the reconstruction begins, we hope these digital citizen will keep a close eye on the government's work and pursue the officials who are to be held responsible for the diaster.
(By Maubo Chang)

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