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Police crack down on hundreds of illegal operations

Police crack down on hundreds of illegal operations

The police have cracked over 1,000 cases of serious crimes, such as illegal drug production and manufacture and trade of firearms, within last three months, the Ministry of the Interior announced yesterday.
MOI Minister Lee Yi-yang (李逸洋), at a press conference yesterday, said that the National Police Agency launched a taskforce to combat six types of serious crimes three months ago and the special assignment was scheduled to end Tuesday.
The police crackdown on a total of 1,046 cases, included raids on 246 video game shops, 62 clubs or pubs where ecstasy abuse occurred, 261 big gambling houses, 380 cases of illegal fireworks production or trade, 33 illegal drug factories and 64 stolen vehicle chop shops.

To prevent the illegal businesses from reopening, the government has cut off their water and power supply, the police said.
So far, water and power supply to nine illegal video game shops has been cut, and the police said they are planning disconnect another 29 such shops that have reopened more than once after being shut down by law enforcement authorities.
The NPA said that the crackdowns have resulted in improved public safety, to some extent and Director-general of the NPA Hou You-yi warned that criminals should not underestimate the police's ability and resolution to combat crime.
The taskforce's achievement not only shows the government's determination to protect public safety but also injects some stimulus into crime prevention, Lee said.
Lee attributed the success to the police's efforts and enthusiasm of people who reported the illegal activities.

He said he hoped that the concept of public safety being everyone's responsibility and requiring everyone's efforts would take hold.
A total of 23 policemen received credits for outstanding performances during the crackdown effort, while 17 were punished.

According to a local Chinese-language newspaper, the crackdown has reduced the supply of illegal drugs and firearms, which has resulted in a doubling of the price of illegal drugs while the average cost of a gun on the black market has soared from NT$500,000 to NT$700,000.

Updated : 2021-10-21 07:54 GMT+08:00