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Chinese New Year sees the return of Taiwan old singers

Chinese New Year sees the return of Taiwan old singers

The approaching Chinese New Year will see the return of some familiar stars to the spotlight: Wen Xiang,(文香) Wen Xia(文夏), Zheng Ri Qing (鄭日清), Cai Zhen Nan (蔡振南), and a host of other musicians well known to older generations will appear in 16 concerts around Taiwan. The series of performances is a cooperative effort between the Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA) and the Paper Windmill Foundation.

“These great musicians, and the classic Taiwanese and Japanese songs that made them famous, are close to the heart of Taiwanese identity,” said Wu Jin Fan, vice director of the CCA.

11 of the 16 concerts will be held in temple squares. In earlier times, temples were important gathering places in Taiwanese society. Though the temples still stand, their squares are less important than they used to be, and with their decline the atmosphere of Chinese New Year has lost some of its special qualities. With this concert series, the CCA invites all to experience again the joy of a traditional Chinese New Year celebration.

“By bringing these activities to audiences around Taiwan, we are reaffirming every citizen’s right to cultural citizenship,” pointed out Chen Chi Nan, minister of the CCA.

The old songs are a poignant representation of Taiwan’s past, common to all Taiwanese though less recognized today. The CCA, as administrator of cultural affairs, is delighted to preserve their value, and hopes that all will have a warm Chinese New Year with old friends, old songs, and good company.

The first concert will be Jan. 20th, in Huashan cultural park at 7:30 pm. It will feature a band, Gu Ba(鼓霸大樂團), that has for more than 20 years performed regularly at the five star Ambassador Hotel. There will be snacks for everyone, including tang yue (the sweet soup traditionally eaten during Chinese New Year celebrations), hot ginger tea, and many offerings from vendors.

For more information please visit the CCA web site: or call 02-23119380.

Updated : 2021-07-26 02:38 GMT+08:00