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New Words for a New Year: Products Display Calligrapher’s Work

New Words for a New Year: Products Display Calligrapher’s Work

Chen Shih-shien is a leading Taiwanese calligrapher, and his inspired personal style, rooted in his life experiences, is at the forefront of Taiwanese calligraphy in the 21st century. Now come two new products displaying his work:

The first are two sets of spring couplets, the familiar crimson banners arranged around many homes’ doors. Each set comes in two colors, purple and orange, rather than the traditional red. Chen fuses his new ideas on color with a simple and relaxed life attitude, seen in the plain humor of his words. He also draws some characters from the Taiwanese language, a sharp contrast to the ancient poetry and lucky phrases that usually make up the couplets.

The second product is a set of poker chips. These come in a variety of colors. The face of each bears a different pattern, and the backs of all sport a character meaning “Win”, adding a bit of humor to even the most tense of high-stakes hands.

“Chinese calligraphy is intimately connected to the aesthetics and life attitude of the times. However, today’s ancient calligraphy reflects too little of Taiwan’s history and culture,” said Mr. Chen. “As traditional calligraphy emphasizes practicing ancient masters’ styles, Taiwan has had virtually no influence.”

Mr. Chen’s creativity in calligraphy is shown not just in the style of his strokes, but also in the simplicity and genuine feeling of his language.

For more information about the products, please contact the “Bring Seven in One” company at 3393-8835.

Updated : 2021-05-13 09:21 GMT+08:00