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15,000 temples

15,000 temples

There are 14,993 temples and churches for Taiwan's 23 million residents, approximately one place of worship per 1,500 residents, according to statistics released by the Ministry of the Interior recently.
As of the end of last year, Taiwan had 11,731 registered temples, 2,356 more than 10 years ago, and 3,262 churches, an increase of 145 over the same period.
Most of the temple goers in Taiwan are followers of Taoism, Buddhism and I-Kuan Tao (religion of pervasive truth) , and 99.6 percent of temples on the island are dedicated to those religions. The 9,202 Taoist temples, many of which not only house Taoist folk deities but also Buddha and the Chinese Buddhist goddess Guanyin, account for 78.4 percent of all temples.