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Chinese tourists spend US$764m in Taiwan

Chinese tourists have generated US$764 million in revenue for Taiwan in a year, as ties rapidly improve between the formal rivals, a report said yesterday.
Some 370,000 Chinese tourists have visited Taiwan since July 2008, after President Ma Ying-jeou's Beijing-friendly government trebled the daily quota on mainland visitors to 3,000, said the China Times.
Each mainlander spent an average US$295 daily on a typical trip of approximately a week, bringing in more than US$764 million in total tourism revenue for the island, the report said, citing government data.
Taiwanese authorities in April temporarily increased the quota on Chinese visitors to 5,000 a day in response to growing demand for the May 1 Labor Day holidays, but the number dropped sharply in June.
Tourism officials attributed the decline to concerns over swine flu and expected a new influx of Chinese tourists starting August to bring the total number to 600,000 by year-end, the paper said.
Ties with China have improved dramatically since Ma took office last year pledging to boost cross-Strait trade links and tourism.

Updated : 2021-10-27 14:51 GMT+08:00