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Stable growth for Taliang this year
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-03-31 02:35 PM
The PCB industry is having a good year and demand has grown from Taliang Technology’s (3167) Japanese and Korean clients. Taliang’s newly released automated optical inspector (AOI) had already accounted for 4% of last year’s revenue. This year’s growth is expected to be even more optimistic. Since Taliang has proprietary controllers, starting this year, controllers manufactured in Taiwan or China will enjoy zero tariff status and add quite a bit of competitive advantage to the company.

Currently, Taliang has factories in Taoyuan’s Bade City, Taoyuan’s Yangmei City, China’s Nanjing City, and China’s Changzhou City. Taliang continues to manufacture industrial machinery with related products including PCB drilling machines, PCB forming machines, and touch panel processing machines associated with the PCB and touch panel industries.

Taliang possesses proprietary controller software and, thus, can independently manufacture controllers. Jerry Chen compares controllers to human brains. They are key in determining the quality of external machinery. Taliang has also integrated machine vision into its controllers to further enhance product accuracy and yield. This is the source of Taliang’s competitive advantage.

Looking ahead this year, the company states that the increasing quality demands of hand held products, continuing innovation of touch products, and new customer derived demands will create new requirements. The outlook for the PCB industry this year is good. As Japanese PCB companies establish plants in Southeast Asia, the needs of Japanese clients will gradually appear. Taliang’s Korean clients will also submit more orders.

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