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Service trade beneficial for Taiwan job market
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-03-31 01:35 PM
The Chinese Personnel Executive Association (CPEA) recently stated that Taiwan still retains considerable competitive advantages in sectors such as R&D, marketing planning, and service. However, investment is insufficient and trade volume is shrinking. Thus, the Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services is beneficial for Taiwan’s labor market.

The CPEA expressed Monday that Taiwanese talent possess competitive advantages in the five major positions of R&D, marketing planning, service, innovation, and management. However, the economic size of the Taiwan market has not been large in recent years, business investment insufficient, and trade volume shrinking which has cause slackening in the labor market.

The CPEA pointed out, only expanding domestic and foreign investment and accelerating cross-strait trade liberalization can create more employment opportunities. The Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services is a shot in the arm of the labor market.

International management and global distribution of talent are two major trends in business development. The CPEA stated, not only do companies face powerful competitive pressures, competition among talent in the workplace is also heating up. If job seekers are well prepared and have the courage to accept the challenge of competition and liberation, the CPEA believes that Taiwanese talent will have more opportunities to express themselves.

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