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V. cuisine--- latest trendy by “Chef Abu”
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2014-02-23 04:11 PM
V. cuisine, located in a hot spring resort in Beitou, suburban Taipei, is a new restaurant operated by “Chef Abu” (William Bu), who has won heart of many celebrities and gourmets in Taiwan for more than a decade by fashionable creativeness and delicate presentation of food. The new restaurant identifies his culinary career, however, with serving only vegetarian dishes.

“The idea about running a restaurant serving only vegetarian dishes was inspiration of our three-year-old son,” unveiled Cathy Lin, wife of Bu and the most vital partner of his career.

Parenting experience brought unanticipated thoughts to Bu, who achieved his first extraordinary career success by being appointed as chef at merely age 25. He began to think about the world that his son is going to live and, as a father, what he can do to reserve a better environment for the child, Lin said.

Serving vegetarian cuisine is not a whole new experience, according to Lin, now that some patrons who have been enjoying Bu’s culinary art since his career as chef at the ABU Authentic Cuisine and ABU’s Brasserie’s downtown Taipei, the Volando ABU in Wulai--- which is another hot spring spot in suburban Taipei, sometimes requested the chef to present them some vegetarian fine dining. The invitation of the Nine Plus Spa Hot Spring Hotel last year to run a restaurant in the hotel came to realize a profound contemplation of advancing to a nonmeat culinary career, Lin said.

But don’t take it wrong that vegetarian fine dining is destined to be tasteless and boring no matter whether or not it is presented by Bu, who was once likened by local media and gourmets to the greatest Spanish painter Picasso in contemporary culinary world. The unusual ingredients, such as three colored pearl barleys, couscous, lentils and polenta, could have dazzled your first impression of dining in this restaurant. The flower-shaped green salad, moreover, and a combination appetizer of different tiny vegetables grown up in a farm in Taoyuan (which is in fact run by a famous senior singer and actress Jenny Tseng, or known as Yan Nei in Cantonese-speaking region), is not only organic but gorgeous in quality.

The master of sauce-making also demonstrates his talent in these nonmeat dishes including one integrating truffle with asparagus to go with the green salad, as well as one which he adds a traditional Japanese seven-spices seasoning to mayonnaise to go with fresh papaya and seaweed.

As for soup and dessert, Bu applies his trendy style to present a hot green bean soup garnished with three little spinach agar “columns”. The Pineapple sorbet served in the Abu-special ware always enjoys the most popularity, Lin said.

The adventure continues when it comes with main dish. Guests to the restaurant during its soft open may choose one from coconut curry risoni, rice type bean sprout rice or the three color couscous for lunch, or quesadilla, orecchiette or mushroom, truffle rice for dinner.

The V. Cuisine Restaurant runs 12:00-14:30 and 18:00-22:00 Mondays to Sundays. The adventure of taste to the culinary artist’s latest presentation would go even better with a treat of hot spring spa before meal.

V. Cuisine Restaurant: (02)28974169

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