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2nd generation health insurance review set for April
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-01-16 02:47 PM
Saying that any new system can always be improved, Premier Jiang Yi-huah announced Wednesday that a full review of the second generation of the National Health Insurance (NHI) system with recommendations for improvement will be carried out in April this year.

Premier Jiang said the new system is the first major overhaul of NHI since it was first implemented in 1995. He noted that the second generation incorporates a number of significant reforms and has naturally been criticized and questioned. He said the government is on top of the situation and has been in communication with various agencies to ensure that the system will remain on track and amendments to the system will prove useful.

Premier Jiang explained that the second-generation roll-out incorporates provisions for review and improvement which will be carefully studied and deliberated with various agencies associated with the system. He said once the review has been carried out and studied the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW) can start planning the next phase of health care reform to provide the public with a comfortable medical environment while ensuring sustainable health care.

The premier acknowledged that some civic groups have called for a reduction in health insurance premiums. He said that even if the second generation version of NHI results in a surplus for the system, it would still be premature to start reducing premiums right now. He said that after a comprehensive review has been carried out and the balance of payments carefully studied, the government will determine whether there is a sustainable surplus in the system and if so, how to handle it.

Worth noting is that the second-generation NHI plan includes income from stock transaction profits as well as salary deductions including part-time jobs, and the MHW should utilize various available channels to explain these to the public and avoid misunderstandings related to payment methods.

A spokesman for MHW confirms that the second-generation NHI review is scheduled for April and will be followed by a comprehensive study of the report. The Ministry will evaluate all recommendations and devise short- and long-term reform strategies for the system.

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