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Beijing dismissive of DPP's China policy review
Central News Agency
2014-01-10 08:32 PM
Beijing, Jan. 10 (CNA) China's top authority on Taiwan affairs called on Friday for Taiwan's largest opposition and pro-independence political party to have an open mind on cross-Taiwan Strait issues. "If the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is unable to flow with the tide and meet people's expectations ... or to keep an open mind, I would say it'd be relatively difficult for you (the DPP) to have a road map to the future," Zhang Zhijun, head of the China's Taiwan Affairs Office, said in response to a question from Taiwanese media. Zhang was asked to comment on the DPP's review of its China policy issued a day earlier by the party's China Affairs Committee. Without elaborating on his opinion of the review, Zhang invited people to compare it with the DPP's original stance on mainland policy. A spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office, who asked to remain nameless as per the office's standard policy, was more direct in criticizing the DPP. The spokesperson contended that the review was "obviously contrary to" a pledge the DPP has made in recent years to prove it can handle cross-strait affairs and lay the groundwork for normal interactions between the party and China. The review still insists on the "Taiwan independence" stance that highlights the idea of "one side, one country," the spokesperson said. The DPP "can't find its way out as it continues to review policies with a rigid mindset," the spokesperson added.

The review adopted by the DPP's China Affairs Committee concluded that there was no need to make any changes to the DPP's core values and basic stance articulated in the Resolution on Taiwan's Future, which the party adopted in 1999. The resolution defines Taiwan as a sovereign independent country under the formal title the Republic of China and says that any changes to the status quo should be decided by the 23 million people living in Taiwan through a referendum. (By Chou Hui-ying and Elizabeth Hsu)

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