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Taipei hospital head gets COVID-19, offers sore throat tips

Sore throat prevalent symptom seen in recent COVID outbreak

(Unsplash, Towfiqu barbhuiya photo)

(Unsplash, Towfiqu barbhuiya photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The superintendent of Taipei’s Cheng Hsin General Hospital and a COVID-19 patient has shared some dietary tips for those suffering from a sore throat.

Wei Jeng (魏崢), a renowned Taiwanese cardiac surgeon, told workers of the hospital that the Omicron variant has spread wildly among the staff members and that he was no exception. He urged all to ensure adequate consumption of water and nutritious foods and have medications at hand.

One of the most common symptoms of the virus in the latest outbreak appears to be an acute sore throat that some have described as “feeling like swallowing razor blades.”

As one who also suffers from this symptom, Wei suggested eating easy-to-swallow foods including papaya milk, yogurt, pudding, tofu pudding, steamed eggs, egg whites, olive oil, and tea seed oil, per CNA. Sufficient intake of fluids helps reduce phlegm, he stressed.

For those who have a fever, he recommended Panadol, which contains Paracetamol and does not have any anti-inflammatory properties.

While about 99.7% of recent COVID cases in Taiwan have been mild, severe throat pain can be unbearably agonizing. ENT surgeon Chen Liang-yu (陳亮宇) advised patients to gargle with salt water to relieve throat pain.