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Industrial migrant workers in Taiwan averaged NT$30,000 in June 2020

Industrial migrant workers earned NT$1,958 more that month YOY, mostly from overtime

Industrial migrant workers in Taiwan averaged NT$30,000 in June 2020

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Industrial migrant workers earned an average income of NT$30,541 (US$1,100) in June last year, up NT$1,958 year over year, which mostly came from an increase in overtime as they averaged 9.4 more hours of work that month than the previous year, according to a Ministry of Labor (MOL) survey.

The MOL on Monday (Jan. 17) announced the results of a survey on the management and employment of migrant workers for the month of June. From July to August, the ministry collected 4,643 samples from employers in the manufacturing and construction industries and 4,027 responses from household employers.

The survey shows that industrial migrant workers in Taiwan earned an average NT$30,541 in June, including a regular salary of NT$24,603 and NT$5,396 in overtime pay. They earned NT$1,958 more compared to June 2020, including an increase of NT$1,429 in overtime pay.

With regard to working hours, industrial migrants put in an average of 204.1 hours that month, an increase of 9.4 hours year over year. This included 167.7 regular working hours and 36.4 overtime hours, a decrease of 0.2 hours and an increase of 9.6, respectively, year over year.

Among industrial employers, 34.3% reported encountering difficulties with their migrant workers. The language barrier topped the complaints at 74.8%, followed by hygiene at 35.5% and attitude problems or poor self-discipline at 32.6%.

Updated : 2022-05-29 07:43 GMT+08:00