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European Parliament to review policy reports advocating more support for Taiwan

Reports containing pro-Taiwan recommendations to be voted on in February

European Parliament. 

European Parliament.  (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The European Parliament is set to review two policy reports calling for more support for Taiwan at a plenary meeting scheduled for next month.

The Common Foreign and Security Policy and Common Security and Defense Policy reports will be voted on in mid-February. Both are said to include pro-Taiwan recommendations, including advocating for Taiwan's meaningful participation as an observer in international organizations and urging the EU and the country to conduct a bilateral investment agreement impact assessment, CNA reported.

Additionally, the two reports point out the severity of China's military provocations in the region and advise the EU to assess the possible effects of regional conflicts on EU security and how to respond to them.

The reports stress that cross-strait relations should be carried out through constructive dialogue and that the EU opposes any unilateral actions that could destabilize the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. They also urge EU member states to play an active role in cooperating with like-minded global partners to seek peace and stability in the strait and to partner with Taiwan's democratic government, per CNA.