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Indonesian fishery worker diagnosed with COVID in Taiwan’s Penghu

County government optimistic about his condition

Testing for COVID-19 at Penghu airport in 2021. (Penghu County Government photo)

Testing for COVID-19 at Penghu airport in 2021. (Penghu County Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An Indonesian fishery worker who flew to Penghu County after completing his quarantine period tested positive for COVID-19, reports said Friday (Jan. 14).

The 33-year-old man arrived at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport from Indonesia on Dec. 22, 2021, and completed his quarantine and self-health monitoring period on Jan. 13, CNA reported.

The same day, he took the 5:20 p.m. Mandarin Airlines flight AE787 from Taichung to Penghu. On Friday, he took a PCR test at the request of his employer, resulting in a positive result for COVID with a Ct value of 32, according to the Penghu County Government.

He was now staying in a negative pressure isolation room at the local branch of the Tri-Service General Hospital while the authorities were trying to locate 29 contacts. There was no reason to panic, as the man had traveled directly from the airport to a dormitory and his viral load was low, as witnessed by his high Ct value, the county said.

A similar case occurred last month, when another Indonesian worker flew into Penghu from Kaohsiung without having waited for the results of a COVID test. His Ct value had also been high, and a new test two days later was negative for the virus. The county government said Friday the same might happen with the latest case, CNA reported.