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US teacher praises Taiwan's COVID measures, food, public transport

Fulbright scholarship recipient currently teaching English in Taipei

Kristi Martin and her parents all consider Taiwan the safest country. (Screenshot photo, YouTube video)

Kristi Martin and her parents all consider Taiwan the safest country. (Screenshot photo, YouTube video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — American Youtuber Kristi Martin said she has fallen in love with Taiwanese cuisine and nature after living in Taipei since October 2021.

In a YouTube video made by Stop Kiddin’ Studio, Martin, who is from West Palm Beach, Florida, said she came to teach in Taiwan on a Fulbright scholarship after graduating from college in 2021 with a degree in elementary education.

Martin took heed of her parent's advice and chose Taiwan over other countries because it is a safe country and the best place for foodies.

At first, she did not understand why her father was so persistent in her choosing Taiwan, but she began to get the picture after spending three months living in the nation. "Taiwan’s reputation is true," she said.

She praised Taiwan’s stringent epidemic measures, saying that the first time she went to a 7-11, she thought she was walking into a hospital because there was a no-contact thermometer, hand sanitizer dispenser, and signs reminding people to wear face masks.

Martin also noted the punctuality and cleanliness of Taipei's mass rapid transit, which she said was the opposite of the New York City subway. "I mean who wants to smell pee on their way to work,” she joked.

Above all, the young educator said she is grateful for the Taiwan government’s assistance, which made it possible for her to be in Taipei amid the pandemic.

Martin said that after her father saw her videos introducing Taiwan to her viewers, he regretted sending her so far away before he got to visit. “It is a shame though, because I know my dad would have loved to try beef noodle soup, dumplings, and hot pot,” said Kristi.

Her parents were scheduled to visit Taiwan for Christmas but were unable to as the borders have remained closed. As a result, Martin taunted her father in a phone call saying, “Dad, I am going to try all the fruits without you.”

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Updated : 2022-05-25 17:22 GMT+08:00