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Taiwan's famous Love God to reside in Gather Town for 6 hours Sunday

Uncanny Sunday events will take place virtually on social platform Gather Town

Uncanny Sunday takes on Sunday (Dec. 12) in Gather Town. (Co-coism photo)

Uncanny Sunday takes on Sunday (Dec. 12) in Gather Town. (Co-coism photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) —Taiwanese studio Atelier A Better Tomorrow has organized a series of interesting events titled “Uncanny Sunday” to take place on the digital social platform Gather Town on Sunday (Dec. 12) for six hours only.

First held last year, Uncanny Sunday gathers together professionals from a variety of disciplines to host outdoor events such as concerts, markets, and fortune-telling. This year, seven themes are going online for the first time.

Atelier A Better Tomorrow has built a digital version of Taipei’s popular Xia-Hai City God Temple, where the Love God lives, in Gather Town.

Visitors can draw a virtual fortune stick, listen to a talk by designer Pili Wu (吳孝儒) and Taipei West Town’s founder Stanley Lee (李政道), and enjoy the market. They can even have a taste of Little New York Pizza’s signature slice or take a sip of an Indie Drinkster beverage.

Additionally, participants are encouraged to go to a performance by Taiwanese musician PUZZLEMAN or visit artist Jui Hung Ni’s (倪瑞宏) gallery. According to the organizer, no more than 500 people can join the event at the same time, so taking turns may be necessary.

Gather Town is a program where users can create multifunctional customized spaces with eye-catching interfaces. It went viral during the pandemic as more people began to work from home, with some companies creating their own offices on the platform where co-workers can have meetings or play games with each other.

For more information or to buy tickets, visit the event page.

(YouTube, Nik nok video)

Updated : 2022-05-28 19:47 GMT+08:00