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Irish Senate passes motion to support Taiwan in international organizations

Resolution condemns any attempt by China to interfere with Taiwan-Ireland relations

Irish Senate. (Wikimedia Commons, Tommy Kavanagh photo) 

Irish Senate. (Wikimedia Commons, Tommy Kavanagh photo) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Irish Senate (Seanad Éireann) on Wednesday (Dec. 1) unanimously passed a resolution supporting Taiwan's participation in international organizations and condemning China's human rights violations.

The motion, which was introduced by 17 senators, urges the government to maintain support for Taiwanese and their personal and political freedoms. Additionally, it reiterates that Ireland does not want to see China unify with Taiwan by force, CNA reported.

The resolution also calls on the Irish government to continue opposing China’s human rights violations and treatment of Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

The Senate rejects any “improper interference” that attempts to hinder the interaction of Irish MPs with the Taiwan government and people, and condemns any efforts to prevent Taiwan from participating in international organizations or humanitarian initiatives, the motion said.

Diarmuid Wilson, one of the senators who introduced the proposal, said that Taiwan and EU countries are good partners that share universal values including democracy, the rule of law, freedom, and human rights. The Irish government should self-censor itself or limit its exchanges with Taiwan out of fear of what China may do in retaliation.

Following the resolution’s passing, Taiwan’s envoy to Ireland Yang Tzu-pao (楊子葆) expressed gratitude to the Irish Senate and said he hoped the two countries will continue to “actively cooperate” in the future to respond to various global challenges.