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Taiwanese netizens discuss spooky dinosaur scooter rider for Halloween

Most agree the vicious velociraptor is adorable

Velociraptor seen on scooter ahead of Halloween. (Dcard photo)

Velociraptor seen on scooter ahead of Halloween. (Dcard photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The sight of a dinosaur riding a scooter in the days leading up to Halloween (Oct. 31) has triggered discussion among Taiwanese netizens.

On Friday (Oct. 29), one user shared a post on local blogging platform D-Card that featured photo and video evidence of what appears to be a velociraptor cruising along a sidewalk on a scooter.

“It seems this dinosaur can ride a scooter,” she wrote.

The row of YouBikes visible in the background leaves no doubt the sighting was in Taiwan, with a poster hinting it was somewhere on the campus of Jiaotong University (交通大學.)

The poster revealed that her friend had shared the video several days earlier, per a Liberty Times report. She confessed the prehistoric carnivore was actually an unknown individual dressed up in a costume.

“Smile,” she went on. “This dinosaur is so lazy. Even though he can run fast, he offered me a scooter ride."

Judging by the comments that followed, most netizens were not spooked by the deadly reptilian but found it rather adorable:

“I want to go on a spin with him.”

“I’m bursting at the seams with laughter.”

“It’s so cute, I’m dying with laughter.”

“His tail does not even touch the ground!”

“Would it be even cuter if it fell off the scooter?”

“Is the dinosaur’s vision any good? It seems to be a very steady driver.”

“I’m worried the dinosaur will fall off and die...”

“It’s too cute! Absolutely hilarious!”