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Taiwan makes Washington Post 'good' list

Paper praises Taiwan for its human rights record, legalization of same-sex marriage

The Pride parade in Taipei, October 2019

The Pride parade in Taipei, October 2019 (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Legalization of same-sex marriage in Taiwan was listed as one of 19 good things to happen worldwide in 2019 by the Washington Post on Tuesday (Dec. 17).

Following its tradition and "given the ugliness of current politics," editors from the news outlet chose 19 good things that occurred this year to remind its readers "not all is gloomy in the world."

Legal recognition of same-sex marriage in Taiwan in May made the island nation one of 30 countries in the world where everyone enjoys the same right to marry their loved one. Other countries or regions that achieved this milestone in 2019 included Ecuador, Austria, and Northern Ireland.

The fight for equality and democracy year also made their marks. Listed were Hong Kong's protesters marching for universal suffrage and the rule of law; and women in Latin America who mobilized themselves to protest against anti-female violence and femicide.

Individuals who stood up against government corruption in regimes, like Algeria, Lebanon, and Chile, also made the list. Finally, the article mentioned several exciting achievements in medicine, such as a new therapy for cystic fibrosis patients and development of vaccines for the Ebola virus.